CMC shakes hands with SAMSUNG to deploy smart factory solution in Vietnam


On June 25th 2018, signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between CMC Corporation and SAMSUNG SDS. Accordingly, CMC will be in charge of deploying the management and operation of SAMSUNG SDS MES smart factory for factories in Vietnam.


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MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the new technology solution aimed at optimizing the management of manufacturing enterprises following the trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the MES solution, the production process is no longer manual or human-based, but instead is integrated into a comprehensive hardware-to-software management system.


SAMSUNG SDS is a member company of SAMSUNG Group, focusing on IT solutions for many different fields around the globe. MES solution of Samsung SDS is already used at hundreds of factories in the world. In order to create opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to apply MES in their production process, SAMSUNG SDS has decided to choose CMC Soft Software Company Limited as a member of CMC Corporation as a strategic partner and responsible for implementing MES in Vietnam.



Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, President and CEO of SAMSUNG SDS emphasizes the reason for selecting CMC as partner to implement MES: “CMC Corporation is one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam in providing and deploying software solutions. With their engineers and leading technology specialists, CMC has the capacity deploy solutions on the cloud computing platform, one of the leading trends currently on the whole world. I believe that CMC is the most suitable partner of Samsung SDS for deploying MES in Vietnam”


The start of the partnership is the successful launch of MES at Jworld Vina in 2017. Following that, CMC and SAMSUNG SDS are going to deploy MES solution to more than 200 Samsung suppliers at Vietnam.


Mr NGUYEN Trung Chinh, President of CMC Corporation said: “The cooperation between CMC Corporation and SAMSUNG SDS will open up a good opportunity for both parties: CMC has a good solution for customers in Vietnam market, not only the customers of SAMSUNG SDS but can expand the partner network, customers are factories; SAMSUNG SDS has a trusted partner to deliver and deploy their solution in Vietnam.”