VinSmart cooperates Spain company to produce Smartphones


Vinsmart, a member of the property and retail conglomerate Vingroup JSC, and the leading Spanish technology company BQ recently signed a strategic partnership agreement to promote the production of smartphones branded Vsmart in accordance with international standards.


VinSmart's General Director Nguyen Mai Hoa and BQ's Chairman cum General Director Alberto Méndez Peydró sign the strategic agreement


Under the agreement, BQ will sell intellectual property rights to Vinsmart in order to develop two Vsmart brand name smartphone products for the high-end and mid-range markets.This is an important step for VinSmart to soon launch Vietnamese-branded smartphones with future-oriented design and European-standard technology.


In addition, VinSmart will exploit BQ’s strengths in almost all aspects of the value chain of producing smart electronics from design, research and development to production. VinSmart will also work closely with BQ on product research and development to apply the world’s most advanced technologies to the smart electronics manufacturing.


Currently, BQ is cooperating with many prestigious technology partners around the world such as Qualcomm, Google and Spanish universities to research and develop products and deploy production, thereby bringing the world’s modern technologies to Vsmart products.


At the signing ceremony, Vinsmart's General Director Nguyen Mai Hoa said that VinSmart’s collaboration with leading European technology company BQ, just three weeks after announcing the launch of Vsmart smartphone production, demonstrates the determination of Vingroup in its efforts towards knowledge- and science-based production, contributing to the efficiency of Vietnam’s economy


In June 12, Vingroup announced the launch of VinSmart Joint Stock Company with a charter capital of 3 trillion VND (131 million USD).


Vsmart’s production plant will be built in accordance with international standards at the VinFast automobile and electric motorbike manufacturing complex in Dinh Vu-Cat Hai industrial park in the northern port city of Hai Phong.