Viettel Telecom: " Viettel wants to deploy 5G by 2020 "


Mr. Phung Van Cuong, Deputy General Manager Viettel Telecom said : " Viet Nam is slow to deploy 4G but within 6 months after being licensed, Viettel deploy 40.000 4G Staions and Nationwide 4G coverage. About 5G technology, Viettel wants to develope early in 2020. But implement depends on the stragegy of Ministry of Information and Communications."



 Phung Van Cuong, Deputy General Director of Viettel Telecom, said that Viet Nam deployed 4G slowly, but Viettel quickly in just 6 months deployed 40,000 4G stations


Talk about deployment in Viet Nam, Mr. Denis Brunetti, President of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam:" We believe that all pioneering nation use 5G technology will have a  competitive advantage in the global market. The use of 5G technology to increase efficiency, improve quality and safety or create innovative products or services. 2018 is the year 5G will launch into the global market and deployment in large scale. Viet Nam can deploy 5G in 2021. These technologies promise new possibilities that have a huge impact on human life, as well as transforming the industry. Ericsson estimates that telecom operators in Vietnam will have an additional $ 3.17 billion in revenue when using the 5G technology to solve the digitization problem in the industry".


"Currently, the demand of Vietnamese people is high. The problem with operators is that the amount of data the user increases daily and the network must meet that need. But the revenue brought to the network does not grow with, not even increased. The core mission of the network is to optimize the network and reduce costs. It is also a problem 5G network is expected to solve for the network. In addition, 5G technology will bring big revenue to the network and Vietnam needs to prepare the conditions for 5G testing by 2020 and trade in 2021 or 2022." said Nguyen Kim Dung - General Manager of Nokia Vietnam.


 Nokia representatives said that all these factors will promote the 5G network to be implemented sooner. According to Nokia, 5G technology is growing faster than originally expected, and will likely start operating in late 2018 in the United States, to 2019, to other operators in the world and explode in 2020.


We look forward to a new innovation that will benefit our lives.