Airbus cooperates with Vietnam to develop the space industry


Airbus and the Ministry of Science and Technology recently signed a letter  including exchanging information on issues related to earth observation, organization, participation in scientific and technological events, satellite technology research.


  A satellite researched by Airbus.


Mr. Nicolas Chamussy, Director of  Space Systems  of Airbus,  Airbus and Vietnam were partners with the VNREDSat-1 satellite project and this intention will create favorable conditions for the company to support the development of the space industry in Vietnam.


The memorandum will enable the two sides to continue cooperating on topics related to Earth observation and satellite technology, and to further strengthen bilateral cooperation.


Since 2010, Airbus has been awarded the first development, production and launching satellite observation satellite in Vietnam.


VNREDSat-1 was launched successfully in May 2013, helping Vietnam to monitor and study the effects of climate change, forecasting and implementation of disaster preparedness measures, and optimizing the management of natural resources. As part of the VNREDSat-1 program, Airbus and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) have established bilateral partnerships including theoretical training, practical as well as technology transfer for Vietnamese engineers.


 In addition to the VNREDSat-1 satellite, Airbus has achieved much success with commercial aircraft, military and helicopters.


European aircraft manufacturers are also strengthening their industrial presence in Vietnam, where some local companies provide parts and components for the Airbus family of aircraft. These activities help to create full-time jobs for 550 skilled workers in Vietnam.


In the field of education, Airbus is supporting the development of two new training programs at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (USTH), helping Vietnam meet growing requirements for its engineers and aerospace experts.