CEO VNPT :" VNPT wants to coperate with Maritime Bank to provide a smart service to customers."


According to Mr. Pham Duc Long - General Manager of VNPT, the cooperation between VNPT and Maritime Bank not only in the use of services of both parties, which aims to create a new business environment to provides a good service to customers.


VNPT and Maritime Bank signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement.


VNPT and Maritimebank signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. Both sides will promote joint ventures and capital contributions to assist each other to expand and grow their businesses, exploit a new potential environment .


VNPT will provide VT-CTTT services and other services at competitive rates, they give priority to service quality, safety, restoration and technical support for Maritime Bank. VNPT also provides telecommunications service packages (Internet MegaVNN, FiberVNN…) at preferential rates to officials and staffs of Maritime Bank. In addition, VNPT support and advise Maritime Bank on new technology solutions in line with Maritime Bank's orientation and development needs. The cooperation will provide the solutions : payment, collection and banking agent services. 


About Maritime Bank, they will provide electronic payment service with VNPT Pay: Connect payment gateway MSB - VNPT Pay, MSB collects VNPT service invoice via connection with VNPT Pay, co-brand card VNPT, sms brand name, voucher data 3G…Maritime bank also provide financial- banking service at preferiental rates and priority quality for VNPT; provide individual financial products for VNPT's staff and VNPT's partners.


The two sides will work together to build and deploy new technology gadgets, IT applications and new co-promotion programs for each customer, such as financial and consumer incentives. 


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Duc Long, General Director, said that VNPT and MSB had a close cooperative relationship. The signing ceremony brings the cooperation between the two parties to a new level in the context of changing  technology trend, consumption trend is also moving. Electronic payment is growing in the world. It makes a new environment, new cooperation between two sides. VNPT Group provide products and services on the basis of digital and mobile to bring competitive advantages, attract customers, reduce costs and risks for customers. Digitization will make the Bank's business more professional, giving customers the fastest and most reliable experience. VNPT will work with Maritime Bank to create different products in line with the strategy set by Maritime Bank.


Maritime Bank is one of the five largest joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam. Mr. Huynh Buu Quang, General Manager of Maritime Bank said :" The signing ceremony has opened opportunities for Maritime Bank and VNPT to enhance the cooperation, maximizing the advantages, experiences and professional capacity of each unit. We believe that this cooperation will bring practical benefits to our employees, customers and partners. "


On this occasion, Maritime Bank and VNPT launched a new co-brand card Vpoint - Maritime Bank . This is the card full range of features, smart utilities of Vpoint card and International Maritime Bank Mastercard card.