5 Vietnamese companies are among the top 10 ASEAN e-commerce


In the latest report, iPrice ranked 10 e-commerce sites with highest traffic in ASEAN region in 2018As a result, there are 5 companies from Vietnam that are Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Thegioididong and Sendo.


(Top 5 companies from Viet Nam are among the top 10 ASEAN e-commerce)


Vietnam is the second largest e-commerce market in ASEAN region


iPrice - E-commerce portal in 7 regional markets ASEAN has announced the report of Vietnam e-commerce review in 2018. Last year remark has marked another successful year for Vietnamese e-commerce companies, iPrice said, while Shopee and Lazada continuously broke sales records after promotions, Tiki and Sendo also receive valuable investments, paving the way for development plans. "Not only that, Vietnam's e-commerce market has also made great strides, demonstrating its scale when placed on a scale compared to other countries in the region," said iPrice Group expert.


If Lazada and Shopee are multinational corporations, the fact that they hold the top two positions does not cause much surprise, the appearance of the remaining 3 units is a clear evidence for Vietnam's e-commerce scale. 


Specifically, these 3 e-commerce floors, although only operating within the Vietnamese market, are still capable of being in the top 10 regions, even surpassing China's existing JD Group in Indonesia and Thailand. 


Most notably, Thegioididong. This company is the only unit in the top 10 that only trades one item of technology equipment. Despite focusing on one product and one market, Thegioididong still achieved a respectable traffic: an average of more than 29 million times a month - ranked second in the nation in the third quarter of this year.


"These figures show that the demand for online shopping of Vietnamese consumers is very high and will continue to increase in the coming years," iPrice said. In conclusion, the iPrice also coincides with Google's judgment and investment fund Temasek in a study published in November 2018. This study predicts that Vietnam's e-commerce industry from now to 2025 will reach 43% growth, the highest among Southeast Asian countries.


Vietnam e-commerce market in 2018 has many unexpected fluctuations


With such great development potential, it is not difficult to understand that in 2018, Vietnamese e-commerce companies are continuously pouring huge amounts of money from international investment funds. For example, at the beginning of 2018, Tiki received investment from JD Group, added about 44 million USD received in 2017. By September 2018, this company continued to receive an additional 122 billion VND from VNG.


In the first 6 months of 2018, Shopee Vietnam was also pumped more than VND 1,200 billion by the parent company SEA Group (Singapore). Before the expansion of rival Shopee, in March 2018, Alibaba Group decided to pour another $ 2 billion into Lazada to increase its competitiveness.


Not inferior to rivals, in 2018, the e-commerce platform Sendo also called for a total of $ 51 million from SBI Holdings (Japan) and a number of other companies.


This investment cash flow immediately brings power to Vietnamese e-commerce companies and creates many fluctuations for the market. Specifically, with Tiki, after receiving investments, the company has made spectacular progress. At the end of quarter 3/2018, iPrice recorded the number of Tiki's website visits up to 47.59% compared to quarter 2/2018. And in October 2018, Tiki suddenly climbed to the second place in the country in terms of average website visits. 


Similarly, Sendo also has a constant growth in 2018. In particular, on Black Friday in November 2018, Sendo announced it had reached 5 million products sold in a week. This is the record sales volume of this floor. 


However, according to iPrice Group analyst, perhaps the most remarkable step in 2018 belongs to Vietnam Shopee. This e-commerce floor started in 2018 at the 3rd position on website traffic but within 7 months, Shopee took the lead. According to iPrice Group, this is the first time since the second quarter of 2017 that the number 1 position of this ranking does not belong to Lazada. 


Also according to iPrice, 2018 promotions saw a huge online shopping demand from Vietnamese consumers. Specifically, on November 11, 2018, iPrice recorded traffic from online shoppers up to 240% compared to the same period in 2017, a very impressive number.


Besides, other promotional festivals like Lazada Birthday 6/5 and September 9 also achieved great success.


This demonstrates the increasing impact of e-commerce on consumer shopping habits. This is a good signal for companies in Vietnam market.