High-tech helps Vietnam cope with pandemic


What should be done to ensure that technology is not hampered by an ‘overly tight shirt’ and to maintain a legal framework open enough to encourage development?




The experiences that help solve these problems were shared at the sixth ASEAN-OECD Good Regulatory Practice Network online conference under the theme of Better Regulation for Post COVID-19 Recovery.


High-tech helps Vietnam cope with pandemic

Nguyen The Trung, an expert on digital government of the Government Office


Wan Fazlin Nadia Wan Osman from the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), said many business fields in the country have been hit hard by Covid-19. Eighty two percent of Malaysian enterprises have seen their revenue decreasing because of the pandemic.


She said that two groups of solutions, fiscal and non-fiscal, have been applied by the Malaysian government to cope with difficulties. As for non-fiscal solutions, the government aims to help businesses affected by administrative burdens, thereby reducing costs, creating more jobs and boosting the economy.


The Unified Public Consultation Protal (UPC) is where businesses can contact and ask for consultations.


After receiving complaints and requests from businesses, the government will verify and collect opinions from relevant parties to clarify the issues from different perspectives and then give solutions.


UPC is the way the Malaysian government applies technology to overcome the pandemic.


Thr Finnish government has developed information portals for the operations of licensing and supervising administrative procedures. A lot of activities have been put online, including education (e-learning) examination (e-exams) and mining supervision from a distance utilizing drones.


According to Minna Paivinen from Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, the country has also deployed the electronic inspection system (E-inspections) and electronic certification (E-accreditations) to confirm safe locations during the Covid-19 pandemic.


To implement the solutions, there must be good governance principles, public trust, and a highly digitized society.


What about Vietnam?


Nguyen The Trung, an expert on digital government of the Government Office, said Vietnam’s feat in controlling Covid-19 came from the proactive and quick reaction by the government. The application of technologies also helped in the fight against the pandemic.


Within a short time, Vietnam developed a lot of websites and apps to serve the fight against the pandemic. It applied information technology (IT) deeply to prevent, detect and isolate infections, and localize and suppress the epidemic.


The technological products include Bluezone, an app that helps trace suspected infecitons; NCOVI and Vietnam Health Declaration, apps for health declarations; and websites with updates about Covid-19 performance. 


Trong Dat


Reference: https://vietnamnet.vn/en/sci-tech-environment/high-tech-helps-vietnam-cope-with-pandemic-679359.html