RFP "K-startup grand challenge 2022" PR and operating project



K-Startup Grand Challenge is its 7th year running, and has yield successful results for the past 7years in Asia. 2022 will be furnished with better investment opportunities and government subsidies in order to meet firms’ substantial needs, allowing to startups to take a bolder step into the Asian market with their ideas and passion.


Key purpose: Striving to become a linchpin in Korea for supporting startup establishments where new ideas merge and collide, leading to new creations.


Role of KICC: To attract promising startups to participant and perform impartial selection processes in KICC coverage countries; Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, East Timor Thus, KICC is soliciting proposals from qualified marketing /PR agencies to support in “KStartup Grand Challenge2022” campaign.




1) Target countries: Viet Nam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, HongKong, Taiwan, East Timor


2) Field: All industries including AI, Block chain,5G, Big Data, Ecommerce


3) Receiving applicants around 300 start-ups participation in the K-Startup Challenge from KICC target countries


4) Coordination of audition for 60 to 100 teams (online or offline) in Vietnam and other countries (countries TBC)


Project Period: Early of April ~ August Details


1) Advertisement, Public Relations: Host start-up events (possibly Booth presentation), eDM, SNS, On/Off newsletter, KSGC content creating etc.


2) Audition (possibly) in Hanoi and HCM (including securing location and around 5~6 local evaluators& local audition place)


- After deadline(around May 31th), Audition will be conducted for applicants (60 ~ 100) who have passed the document examination in Korea middle of June


 - Including remote audition for applicants outside of Vietnam using the skype, telecommunication conference and so on


2. Scope of Service


A full range of online and offline activation is required, including but not limited to the followings:


a) Creating awareness and promoting the challenge to promising startups


 Provide a detailed proposal on how to promote the challenge to KICC target countries in the most efficient and effective wat, including time line


 Execution of suggested promotional activities


b) Provide support to qualify potential participants during the application process


 Suggest methodology to qualify interested participants and ensure application is received


 Prepare adequate resources and documents to follow up on potential participants and address FAQs


c) Panning and coordinating of event logistics for regional auditions in 2 countries( including the Vietnam)


 Scheduling of auditions (online)


 Soliciting of suitable audition venues (Judges will evaluate the audition in the same place)


 Recommend a list of local panel of judges for the Regional interviews in the 2 countries (of which 5~6 judges will be selected) and to provide remuneration.


 Planning and execution of the regional auditions. Budget to include food, transport for airport-hotel, remuneration for judges and any miscellaneous costs)


d) Providing weekly reports


 Up to date and clear reports and analysis on processes and results


 Post event report to include quantitative and qualitative information of the promotional activities each countries


3. Proposal Requirements (minimum requirements)


a) Company profile


 Name of the company, contact person and contact information :provide address, office and mobile number, email address and web address


 Statement of ownership and list the majority and minority owners


 List of subcontractors if applicable. Provide company name, contact person details and intended percentage of work to be performed by any subcontractor


 Related performances and experience of Startup filed and marketing/PR


b) Qualifications


 Provide a brief description of your company; including its founding and history, number of employees, services areas, and awards or other forms of recognition


 Provide a description of your work process


c) Experience and ability to perform this work


 Provide examples of relevant work & Project


 Provide minimum of 2 client references


 Provide list of personnel assigned to this project along with their credentials and experience


d) Pricing Provide cost of services in details including any possible costs and taxes


 Professional labor costs


 All necessary costs when Promoting the challenge and operating audition


 Any promotional materials


 Regional audition expense including remuneration for judges


 Travel expenses for coordinating of in-country auditions


 All prevailing taxes




e) PR Plan and Strategy of each country


4. Budget: Around 560,000,000 VND ( Around 25000USD)


*Contract Price will be used VND


5. Evaluation Criteria Evaluation of submitted proposals performed under the following criteria:


 Relevant experience and qualifications of the event project team personnel assigned to the project


 Free structure, cost estimation


 Marketing & PR Project schedule of coverage countries


 Proposed methodology


 Ability to communicate with KICC staffs and team


 Overall evaluation of team’s ability to accomplish the project


 Understanding of the Project objectives/scope/completeness or proposal


 Reputation of the firm, based on references and visit


 Proposed strategy and plan of KSGC PR


6. Submittal Prospective vendors may submit the proposal by email.


Timeline for submission of proposal is by March 31th (Thursday)


Proposals may be sent electronically to kicchanoi@nipa.kr and ktherine718@nipa.kr


※ Proposal must be presented in English and email subject should be like this: [K-startupGC2022 Proposal_ Company name]