NPCore is specialized in defense solution against unknown APT and Ransomware and provides two-level defense on network and endpoint based on behavior.
NPCore established in 2008 for developing specialized malware detection/response solutions in the Anti-virus centric security market and has developed “Zombie ZERO” for the TWO-LEVEL defense on APT attack and provided it to governments, financials, universities, enterprises. NPCore established LLC and branch office in US and Vietnam in 2014 and had distributors in Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai to broaden target market to Southeast Asia and US. NPCore has achieved an export to Japan, US and Vietnam since 2015. Based on this, we will be a global security professional company that represents Korea in the future.

TEL : +82 70 7834 8918/+84 974 270 781
ADDRESS: 3rd floor, number 138 Hoàng Ngân street, Trung Hoà ward, Cầu Giấy district, Hà Nội city
Item Details

ZombieZERO is a new security solution designed to detect and defend against APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) and 
Ransomware attacks. It is composed of the behavior-based defense product on Endpoint(EDR) 
and the packet analysis product based on behavior on Network(Inspector) and interworking with each other. 

• ZombieZERO EDR : Endpoint Detection and Response) : APT/Ransomware attack response on Endpoint
• ZombieZERO Inspector : APT/Ransomware attack respond on Network
• ZombieZERO SECaaS (Security as a Service) : Cloud-type security service

Zombie ZERO complements the blind spot of traditional security solutions that are difficult to detect and block new malware. Signature-based antivirus products can only respond to known attacks, so it is inevitable to be damaged when new malware attacks occur. Zombie Zero, on the other hand, analyzes the behavior of malware based on sandbox technology, so it can detect and block security threats without any damage.

•  Behavior analysis detecting and blocking new and variant malware in advance
•  EDR technology that can respond to attacks bypassing virtual machines
•  Flexible customization according to request from clients
•  Reasonable price compared to competitors